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DAN Announces Oxygen Regulator Recall

DAN announces that Allied Healthcare Products, Inc. is recalling all oxygen regulators sold under the Life Support Products (LSP) brand. This recall, first announced on Feb. 4 by Allied, is to replace aluminum components in the unit's high-pressure chamber with brass components. This action is being taken in response to reports of fires and explosions, the exact causes of which remain unknown.

Over the past five years the Food and Drug Administration has received 16 reports of aluminum regulators used with oxygen cylinders burning or exploding. These incident caused severe burns to 11 healthcare workers and patients.

"DAN is working closely with Allied in this effort to inform divers of this safety hazard. We will do our utmost to facilitate this process for Allied and to contact members," said Bill Clendenen, DAN Vice President of Training.

DAN has sold two regulators that are affected by the recall. The two regulators (pictured) are the LSP 270-020 and the LSP 280-020. These regulators were sold in the DAN Standard, Dual, Mini, Charter and Training Unit oxygen systems from 1985-1997.

This recall does not affect the DAN Rescue Pak, Rescue Pak Plus and the regulators that are sold with those systems, the B & F Regulator (Part # 84025G) and the Allied Spectrum Regulator (Part # 32-29-5551).

lsp270-020.jpg (25641 bytes)

LSP 270-020

The recall is being undertaken in cooperation with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to minimize a potential for fires and explosions, an inherent risk with any high-pressure oxygen delivery system.

In May 1997, Allied conducted a recall to add a sintered bronze filter to the regulator. All regulators should already be fitted with this sintered bronze filter.

lsp280-020.jpg (20726 bytes)

LSP 280-020

Any regulators without a sintered bronze filter, and all regulators manufactured by LSP's predecessor corporation, Robertshaw Controls Company, Inc., should be taken out of service immediately.

If the regulator was bought after May 1997 or retrofitted pursuant to the May 1997 recall, the regulator should already have the sintered bronze filter installed.

This, in conjunction with present recall efforts, will result in the replacement of all-aluminum high-pressure parts with brass parts. This interim measure will enable the regulators to be used during the period required to manufacture non-aluminum regulators.

This information has been provided to the FDA. It is Allied's understanding that the FDA is recommending the elimination of all aluminum in oxygen regulators. Users can reduce the risk of oxygen fire and explosion by keeping in mind the following precautions:

DAN has established a relationship with Riley's Emergency Medical Repair Center Inc., an Allied authorized service center, that will be equipped to handle the recall within the next few weeks. DAN Members who have purchased any DAN Oxygen Unit will receive a mailing with details about how to have their regulators serviced.


Recall Coordinator
Telephone: (800) 231-5273 (Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CST)
Fax: (314) 771-1806

DAN Training
Telephone: (800) 446-2671 or (919) 684-2948, ext. 556        
Fax: (919) 490-6630

To get your oxygen regulator serviced immediately, send it to:

Riley's Emergency Medical Repair Center Inc.       
3129 Demaret Drive       
Titusville, FL 32780 USA        
(407) 268-3342

For more details about this recall, visit Allied's Internet site at